Jan 18, 2008

mile long boobs

ok. i'll admit it. i really love checking the stats of my blog. i love to see where everyone is from, i love to see which things get the most hits. but mostly? mostly i love seeing the keywords that bring people to the blog. i always wonder if people found what they were looking for. and i find myself wishing i could answer their question in some way. so, what better way to spend a training day off than doing just that and combining it with some shameless self promotion in the form of links to some oldies but goodies?

  • i need to pee badly - yes, i often need to pee really badly during a run. mostly in a race. the short, fast 5k kind. or during mile repeats (thank god for those bushes at the finish line). or, during a field test. this is the result of giving birth to three children but it also has the added benefit of being a very effective maximum effort gauge. if i peed, then i gave it my all. this is the top search. i don't get it. there must be a lot of people out there who need to pee really badly.
  • red button pushing games - there are games?
  • treadmill how many miles? - none. go outside. i'm amazed at all the variations on this theme - people googling how many miles to run on a treadmill, and they wind up here. listen, people - you aren't going to find the answer here. bundle up. go outside.
  • funny picture of exhausted runner - whoever came here looking for this must have been disappointed. my exhausted running look is not funny. and it is not a good look for me. i'd have to be really drunk to post it.
  • runner down - it can't be good if you are googling 'runner down'. unless of course you want to learn how to not ever have those words apply to you. if that's the information you were looking for you came to the right place. it is indeed a sad ocurrance. but it was the impetus for getting my ducks in a row, which coincidentally is another popluar search that brings people to seezannerun:
  • getting my ducks in a row - people google this. and that makes me feel better.
  • boobs a mile long - this is my all time favorite, thus the post title. anyone who knows me knows i don't have boobs a mile long. hell, i don't even have boobs. but most importantly, who googles 'boobs a mile long'? the icing on the cake of mile long boobs? i'm on page 1.
  • best gels for long run - i'm sure whoever googled this was looking for an intelligent comparison of gels for a long run. i have no doubts they were disappointed to have arrived here. i think i said they are vile. now, if they want to come back and talk clementines or bananas, or how much food can be stuffed into the back pocket of a fuel belt, i have conducted many experiments. they came to the right place.
  • big button secret - there is no secret. just push it. its big. its red.
  • feverish nausea - oh. someone was trying to self diagnose and they came to my site. whoever you are, i'm so sorry. but - if ever you feel feverish & nauseous and it is day 3 of three digit temps and you are running a lot; training for a marathon for example, it is highly likely you are dehydrated. drink more water.
  • leo's babershop harlan - completley perplexed by this one. i got nuthin'
  • mice in stove insulation - strange for a running blog, yes. there were mice living in the insulation in our stove (unbeknowst to me - until after, the um, incident) and i cooked them all. it was a veritable mouse waco. it somehow kept me from getting my run done the next day. must have had something to do with all the wine i drank over the hilarity of it all. that's how i tied it all in to the running theme. i can relate almost anything to running. and to me. its a talent.
  • running in the wind - just in case i wasn't clear enough in whatever post this landed on - it sucks. and apparently, it is also a song.
  • snot runners - i just think this is funny. who googles snot runners? what are snot runners? i wonder if they ever found out.
  • happy runner girl - ok, love that this is on page 1. i love that someone googled it. and right under it? a treadmill for dogs. good god. its a dog. bundle it up. send it outside.
  • wardrobe malfunction - janet. justin. and me. bringing sexy back.
  • training to run 12 miles in 12 minutes - seriously. someone googled this? a minute mile? and they got to my site?
  • what is a mile repeat? - pure hell, my googly friend. pure hell.


Ian said...

Of course now that you've titled this post "mile long boobs" and now that I've said mile long boobs in your comments field you're going to keep climbing higher and higher whenever someone searches for mile long boobs. ;)

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Nancy said...

Oh FREAKY - Leo's Barbershop Harlan IS. MY. DAD!!!!!!! I googled his address recently at the barbershop. Somehow I must have come to you afterward and it linked it up somehow???? I have no idea but that is SOOOO funny!

monicac2 said...

"a veritable mouse waco". that's mouth-agape kind of hilarious.

RunToTheFinish said...

mile long boobs... just to help with traffic.

Vickie said...

Where do you find all this info? I guess I'm not a "stat" person. I don't ever check any of that stuff. And I have to say, in case no one would believe it, that yes, I too have had mice in my stove. And many other places as well, all good stories to get drunk over!

Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

lolol that is funny....

I can't believe how many hits I get on my toenail removal posts from all over the world...a lot of peeps search toenail issues.

I was trying to figure out a magic "Toenail potion" to market & make billions of dollars but I am having no luck, YET! -- haha

Anonymous said...

ok, just read this post and so to test it out I googled "mile long boobs" and you are on top. #1.