Feb 12, 2008

the day after the marathon

sleeping in late. getting a massage. lying around on the couch, the only activity being lifting a glass of wine to drink. having ice cream with hot fudge sauce for breakfast. not cleaning the house or doing laundry cause it hurts too much to go up and down stairs - these are all good things to do, or not do the day after a marathon.

but i think my personal favorite is the thing i did late last night: my husband had just left with friends to go mountain biking. in the snow. cause there was a real honest-to-goodness blanket of it outside. he was like a little kid getting dressed to go out sledding in the first snow of the year - he was so excited. and when coach & his wife pulled up on our lawn and my husband headed out with them, it looked like it was going to be fun. and i had snowy activity envy. but activity was something my screaming quads were not really interested in. but that snow! i couldn't help myself. i had to do it. if the forecasters were right, it would be covered with ice by morning.

i dug out my ancient xc skis, poles & moth eaten boots, and cross country skiied for an hour on the streets of my neighborhood. my quads stopped screaming at me for just a little while and enjoyed every stretchy stride. it was quiet and would have been much darker if it weren't for the blanket of bright snow. ginormous snowflakes were falling on my face. perfectly dreamy. once home, i resumed my spot on the couch and had some more wine. which, after cross country skiing may be my second favorite post marathon activity. fittingly, it is also a good apres-ski activity.


Anonymous said...

It was great fun, but I imagine xc skiing was as nice. Something about it being 10 at night makes you feel 15 again.
The best part was passing a group of kids on sleds, as I skidded around a corner, and one kid yelled "Rad Move!" Whoo hoo! Thank God I did not fall down.

Sarah said...

You are crazy! Absolutely crazy! In a good way- but there is NO WAY ON EARTH I would do that :) You're tough! (and crazy!)

Gotta Run..... said...

Wow... just finished your first post and now I see another.

First off I am so impressed at how well yuo did with a marathon that dished out one hills after another!! You enjoy your wine... you earned it ;)

the bathroom break was a must but I do agree that it just eats up time you don't want to give away. A short walk break always gets my mind broken. I hate them but sometimes you just have to do it.

Forget the thought of leaving marathoning behind you.... it is in your blood sister!! Remember it is a love hate relationship.

I know that if this had been a flat course you would have had your BQ. YOU ROCK!!

Vickie said...

And the wine is a great post-race recovery drink. That or choc. milk. Take your pick.

Anonymous said...

Fun! I bet it was beautiful!

Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

it was a hilly mofo of a marathon.
lol just read ur race report & i agree :-)

Congrats and way to grind it on the ups...

also way to get out on the skis so early after the race--I would still be on the couch with the ice cream and wine or beers or anything with alcohol.