Feb 20, 2008

enjoy the recovery?

everyone says i should enjoy the recovery time. i think this is a crock. i keep trying to embrace the downtime. be one with it. i mean maybe, just maybe if i could get out and run more than two miles at a time without my knee hurting like a mother, i could handle this grinding halt of all things runningtrainingschedule-related much better. but i've become a statistic. one of those post marathon injury statistics. i've been on the google, i've talked to friends. i have self diagnosed & think i know what it is. crazy common and totally fixable - which is all well and good, but i want it fixed right NOW. or, how about NOW. physical therapy is on friday. friday can't get here fast enough. because right now, my whole body, mind and heart are just screaming to run. and i mean screaming. i'm trying to be a grownup, but instead i've been reduced to a big whinybabypeepeepants. i'm not proud of this. i am trying to realize that these things happen and be okay with it. and in the grand scheme of things, this is nothing. its' a little tiny blip. my husband tries to explain that i should be thankful that i just got through 30 weeks of training and two marathons without any injuries. its just like him to look at the bright side, when i am busy looking at my half empty glass. so i now find myself in a perpetual state of mad. in fact, i might explode soon. this post marathon thing wouldn't be so bad if i could just go out for a run.

oh. wait.
i can't do that.
it hurts too much.


Anonymous said...

Hey Zanne...I just found your blog. I was diagnosed with a pelvic stress fracture about a month ago. Best case scenario...I get to run again at the end of April. Luckily I am free to continue non-impactful activities (see spinning, rowing, etc). None of these things, however, is a RUN. Did you have an MRI to rule out stress fracture? Feel free to email me Ireerainqueen@aol.com

RunToTheFinish said...

uh oh not running makes me cranky too... i hope it heals fast and you are on the road soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! That totally sucks, Zanne. Hope the PT works fast to get you back on the road!!

zanne said...

hey erin ... sorry to hear about your pelvic stress fracture! i did have that scare last spring (thankfully, it wasn't the issue), so i know it is not the issue i am dealing with this time -i think this is an IT band/knee thing. so in the meantime, i've been swimming or biking - but you're right - it's not a RUN. just not the same. while you recover, if you haven't stumbled upon this blog yet: http://frayedlaces.blogspot.com/
you should check it out - she ran a marathon with a pelvic stress fracture & has been recovering since - i should take a lesson from her in good attitude! good luck with your recovery ... thanks for stopping by!!

amanda - cranky. yes. was beyond cranky this morning. it was a real low moment! am a bit better now!!

thanks vegan - think she'll get me back in working order in no time!

Frayed Laces said...

Hey Zanne...just getting caught up on my blog reading. Sorry to hear you've caught the blues, but I'm even more concerned about your injury! Please oh please don't be stupid like me. I'm on week 10 of no running and believe me, you don't want to be here. Can I join you for 4am runs in a few weeks?

zanne said...

hey frayed, i would much rather join YOU for morning runs in a few weeks - you've got the dreamier weather!

i'm not planning on being stupid - its actually too painful to run through anyway. so i'll wait to see what it is - its not nearly as bad - not even remotely! - as what you are going through but i can sure whine enough for the both of us - you certainly have a much better attitude on the recovery thing than i do! you should hold seminars in dealing with injury with a smile & humor.

Nibbles said...

Hi Zanne,

I have been following your blog for a while and am coming out of hiding to say congratulations on your time at hilly Birmingham and good luck recovering from your knee problem. In my unfortunate experience, knee injuries are easier to deal with than hip injuries. It's funny, I did Columbus 2007 as well and also had a really bad day. I threw up at mile 18 and it was all downhill from there. Good luck to you! I promise to comment more often!


Gotta Run..... said...

I hate when you post a comment ...click the botton... and it is gone....where did it go???

Well lets see...what did I say before..... hang in there chic. the blues will pass soon. Listening to your coach is always a smart thing. he knows what he is doing.

Cynthia said...

sadly, I think glass is half empty attitude is in our nature...

Cynthia said...

but....I like the vacation idea from the last post comments.... You know I'll meet ya somewhere!!! ; )

Vickie said...

Oooh, I didn't know you were having knee problems? Meniscus? ACL? ITB? So many possibilities. Let me know what the diagnosis is, and I hope the prognosis is good so you recover soon!

Nancy said...

Oh those damn husbands and their bright sides. And they are usually right. :D What would we do with out them?

I'm sorry you are hurting. Be patient if you can. If you push it, it might make it go on for longer. Swim with the fishes, RICE, and get better soon.

PS You get fancy trips from working for really really big companies and being really good (or really lucky) at sales. Really really big companies have their pros and cons, just like everywhere else, but they pros can be really nice. I'm pretty blessed.

If I have to listen to no boobs and can't keep weight on and not hate you, you can listen to me taking trips. :D

Love ya, Zanne. Hang in there.