Feb 19, 2007

i'm still whining

the following rant was this mornings' email to coach: (excessive exclamation points & question marks have been removed so as not to make me look like the high maintenance whiner this email makes me look like)

I am still a slug & its’ pissing me off.

Yesterdays run felt ok – not great. Today’s run was all over the place …

but, when I was done & looked at my watch, I thought “oh, I’m delusional – that’s not bad at all” (I thought I had done 6 miles in 47:19) … (and for a brief, shining moment, i thought i was back in the game)

so I double checked gmap … no – I did 5.2 miles in that. 9:37 something pace. Ahhhh! WTF?

I felt like I was making so much progress … now I wonder what the hell happened to it all. Shouldn’t I be in a happier place one week before all the triple crown stuff starts? Why have I slowed down so much?

See – I was running through some time suck of a black hole … planets WERE colliding – it was little running miracles never to be repeated. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a bad streak. A day or two, yes .. .but a WHOLE GD WEEK?

Ok. Am finished whining.
(and then here is where i begged for him to give me a much needed pep talk to get me off the ledge). let me preface by saying that i whined & complained about my run (and all previous runs this week) to my husband - who is a very good talker-off-the-ledger; he explained its' all normal, i'm not backsliding, everyone has some bad days .... blahblahblahblah ... he knows he can say this till he's blue in the face - if it has to do with running, i'm not going to believe it till i hear it from my coach .. so he just says, did you email your coach?

the diagnosis from the coach: - who seemed not at all concerned by the fact that i have slowed to the speed of something crazy slow (i'm just not feeling witty or clever enough to think of the slowest-something-ever metaphor right now):

i had an easy rest/recovery week the week before cruise .. then i went on a cruise (i think his exact words were a rum-soaked vacation) & even though i ran everyday, rum-soaked vacation runs don't really count ... so essentially, i've had a little over 2 weeks of easy/"recovery" runs ... and while i haven't lost my fitness level (you could have fooled me), its' going to take a little while to get back into the swing of things.

yep. exactly what my husband said. (although he didn't say the rum-soaked bit & i really liked that part).

its' not hard to talk me off the ledge - all i need is for someone to say what i am going through is normal & a few slow, bad, slug-like runs doesn't mean its all over & i should just retire to couch now.
but man, its' tough on the ego.

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Tall Girl Running said...

Think it might be your body trying to talk to you... telling you it needs a little rest, a little recuperation?

When this happens to me, I have to fight the urge to tell my body to shut the hell up. But giving in and listening to it almost always is the trick to finding my groove again.

Good luck. I'm rooting for ya!