Feb 5, 2007

running in tiny circles

best intentions don't always work out ... the wake up call came in at 6 ... i got up long enough to take motion sickness pill, but went right back to bed & got up again at 7 ... this time, i dressed & headed up to track ... very few people out - there were even a couple of runners. was able to get 3 miles done on track before the "morning walk-a-mile group" came up & i headed into gym to finish on treadmill.
here's what i want to know: where are all those fit young people from the "get out there" commmercials?? tomorrow morning: 6 am ... want to see the sun rise while i run little circles around the deck ...
but the best part of today's run was that a few hours later we were docked in San Juan ... hello mojitos.

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