Feb 1, 2007

snowy bliss.

in preparation for my 4:40 pick up for the run with the big dogs, i sleep in the first layer of my running clothes & worried that i would sleep through alarm, i basically see every hour pass ... alarm goes off at 4:10 and i am out of bed like a shot ... put on next layer & head down to brush teeth ... when lo & behold, i get a text message from coach about how i am off the hook - he doesn't feel well!!! (that glee makes me look a little thoughtless ... i'm sorry he doesn't fell well, but i didn't have to run with the big dogs! thus: the glee).

now this is where a normal person would run right back to bed.
but i'm not normal - i'm a runner now.
so, going back to bed is not my first thought. my first thought is, well - i'm up - i should at least go down & check the news to see if school is cancelled (they cancel school around here the minute a flake falls) - i figure if school is cancelled, I'll need to get my run out of the way anyway ... no news on cancellations, so i go back to bed.

and i lie there.
still in my running clothes.
wide awake.
thinking about the inch of snow on the ground.
the inch of snow that is begging me to go run in it.
but i hate running in the dark i think.
i get up & look out window.
hey! its' not so dark with all that snow out there.
you know where this is going ...
out of bed, sneakers on & out door before saner thoughts prevailed.

nothing better than crunch of snow underfoot ...
5 miles of pure, snowy bliss ...
only other sign of life was the occasional plow that came by erasing the proof behind me that I had been the first one there.
running in the snow.

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Cynthia said...

Did you remember to say Rabbit Rabbit?

Well done!