Feb 5, 2007

running on water

After 2 days off due to travelling, etc .. i was jonesing for a run today. slept in a bit - it is a vacation, after all - and headed up to the track around 9 am. i thought the track would have actual lanes that go around the entire perimeter of the ship. but its' a tiny little track - 6 times around lap = 1 mile ... i got 6 miles on the schedule - 36 laps this morning. the first 4 were pretty fun -

the thing about running on the top deck of a ship is this: on one side, i got hit with a 20 knot tailwind & felt like i was FLYING ... i swear my feet never even hit the ground ...on the other side, i got hit with the same wind coming right straight at me & slowed way the hell down ... really had to plow through it - laughing - it was fairly amusing trying to run through a headwind that strong... that, coupled with dodging the little old people strolling with their canes, & it makes for a good interval workout. i could only do 12 laps before it got too crowded with the walkers & people setting themselves up in the chairs lined up along the track for afternoon of sunning. so i went into gym & did another 2 on treadmill ... running on a treadmill on a moving ship watching the waves next to me was a recipe for vertigo ... so while i had fully intended to knock out 4 miles on treadmill to make 6, i only did 2 ... figured when i was needing to grab onto handrails because i was dizzy meant it was time to get off. tomorrow morning, must beat the morning walkers & be on track early.


Tall Girl Running said...

When I went "cruising" several years ago, I did my runs on the treadmill and couldn't believe the effortless feeling I had while running. Like cruising on air! I didn't know what to attribute it to and just figured I must really be on top of my game. Then I realized. I was from the mountains of Idaho running on sea level. Literally. Needless to say, I wish I could feel that sensation every day.

zanne said...

that's hysterical! the same sort of thing happened to me when i was training for marathon & had to do a treadmill day for some reason ... i was just flying - couldn't believe i could run so fast - figured my coach was a genius. he later told me i should have set incline to at least 2 ... i was compltely insulted & thought how was i supposed to know that? apparently, its' addressed in almost every issue of runner's world. must have missed those columns!