Feb 11, 2007

obstacle course

today's run was by far, the best run i have had while on this ship.
because up until today i was just another lemming - runaroundtrackrunaroundtrackrunaroundtrack.
like, a kabillion times.
it only took me 7 days on this ship to figure out how to spice things up a bit during this endless running around the little six-tenths of a mile track ... it was like i woke up & finally took notice of the stairs in front of me that went up to the top front deck (my husband & i usually went up here to sunbathe - we could get away from the awful band & not have to cram ourselves in with other sunbathers - we'd practically have the whole top to ourselves) ... so, here was my course:

up the stairsaround the frontdown the stairsback on the trackstraight ahead towards back zig zag through the partitions set up to cut down on windacross basketball courtzig zag through columns outside "country club" (putt putt golf) around the back - look down & see everyone on deck cafe having breakfastzig zag through walls zig zag through more walls sprint (just for fun) to stairs & start all over again

now - maybe next cruise i'll try to do that with a fruity little umbrella drink in my hand. thats worth writing home about.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like fun!