Feb 11, 2007

spider monkey

i am a spider monkey. the first few days on the ship my husband called me a lizard - i would just seek out sunniest spots & lie there for hours ... but now, after we did the rock wall yesterday, i'm a spider monkey. he took a picture of me walking over to the wall just as i was starting out & then hit the off button on the camera by accident. while he was futzing with the camera to get it back on, i had already made it halfway up wall. i did get a bit stuck at one point, not really sure if i should move a hand or a foot - randolf yelled up my next move & i was headed up again, spider monkey that i am - straight for the bell.

randolf was my 'instructor' ... i love that all they do is kindly request that you sign your life away on a release form, plop a helmet on your head, strap you into harness & just send you on your merry way. the guy with your life in his hands is the 'instructor'. randolf told me to just use my legs to push me up & i'd have no problem.

"you have strong legs?" he asked in a fabulously dreamy island accent.

dude, i have run a marathon. i got strong legs.

strong, spider monkey legs.

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