Dec 11, 2007

finally out the door

i did indeed finally get out the door.
(for those of you sitting on the edge of your seats, wondering)
and the only thing flying was the snot,
cause it sure as shit wasn't me.
which would normally frustrate the hell out of me & bum me out.
but because it's an easy recovery week
and my legs made it quite clear with every step
that they were still feeling sunday's nineteen miles,
i am uncharacteristically not beating myself up over it.
which makes me feel like a rational, grown up runner girl.
it's a christmas miracle, people.
but the day is half done. i may be going back to my 5am thing.
it is strangely, much easier to get out the door.


Nancy said...

I WAS on the edge of my seat. I'm glad you got out there. (I knew you would!)

You always have been a grown up, this running thing can just play with ya. I've secretly been a little blue. I am SO slow. Should the race director really be second to last? Geez.

Good job not beating yourself up. 19 miles deserves a little recovery.

Jamie said...

It is always harder to get out there later in the day. I always want to keep pushing it off for other things. Good for you to not beating yourself up. You have no reason to. There are great runs, good runs, and then just whatever that kind of sucked runs :)

Holden said...

Getting up early is the best way to 'surprise' your body. And then you're doing mile repeats before your body has a chance to put up a fight. Way to go!

zanne said...

yeah ... i am so back on the 5am plan. sort of agonizing to do it later in day & have it looming over you. much better to get out before your body knows what lies ahead. thought i'd give the extra hour of sleep & daylight thing a try though. its not all its cracked up to be. crack of dawn for this girl.

Bob - said...

I like the afternoon/early evening runs and the mind battle that goes on all day of when to go & how am I feeling I need a little nap before I go--lol ...but I am a freak I don't recommend it :-)

Laurel said...

Its a Chirtmas MIRACLE!!

Great job on getting out the door. That's half the battle.