Dec 4, 2007


the alarm goes off.
i look at it. 5am.
and for a moment,
i cannot even fathom why i set the alarm for 5am.
and then i remember.
its tuesday.
if its tuesday.
its mile repeats.
so i get dressed.
and head out into the dark, cold morning.
my dollar magic stretchy gloves from krogers did nothing to keep out the cold. twenty-five degrees of cold to be exact.
they couldn't even pretend to be warm,
to offer any semblance of comfort.
not sure what i expected from gloves that cost a dollar.
every single repeat sucked a little more than the previous one.
a slow, and slow being the operative word here; sad, pathetic deterioration in performance.
as if there was any to begin with in that cold.
but at least they all sucked consistently.
they all hovered around the same sad, pathetic pace.
so i had that going for me. consistency.
tomorrow, maybe i'll wait till the sun comes up.
and wear warmer gloves.
bring a better attitude.
they can't all be good. and i know this.
but still. i have a hard time with it.


Unknown said...

Think of it this way: You kicked everybody's butt who stayed in bed this AM, including mine. :) Well done.

This early in your training schedule, it's as much about mental toughness as physical toughness.

Vickie said...

You need to wear 2 pair of those stretchy things to keep the fingers from going numb! Or fleece mittens. I am having a hard time with the cold and dark too. It won't last forever! A few weeks of the dark cold and then all of a sudden it starts getting a little lighter out every day. And for you, probably warmer too.

RunToTheFinish said...

ok Zanne how do you deal with the cold... I really need to get over my dislike of the cold and you seem to have it together.

Bob - said...

twenty-five degrees of cold to be exact.
BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I would have rolled over and hugged my warm pillow tighter :-)

good job on getting out there and getting the leg turnover...all training days can't be great as you well know.

monicac2 said...

25 degrees is BEYOND COLD - yikes!!

Your race is 67 days away. Mine is this Sunday (just a half marathon), and today I did not run. A conscious decision to give my body some much-needed rest one week out from my race - and man, it felt good. Still, part of of what makes it all ok is remembering those horrible morning, where I didn't want to get out of bed, but did, just like you did this morning. You rock!

Nancy said...

HUGS. I swear the ugly ones make you stronger.... You kicked my butt at 5am :D

Just as a rule of thumb, I have found the $1 variety work until about 30 degrees. :D :D :D