Dec 27, 2007

it's official

i just registered for the plan b marathon.
no refunds. no turning back. hit register button.
there is slightly less anxiety than there was the last time i did this.
mostly, i was amused by the field in which you needed to fill out
"emergency race day contact person"
and "emergency race day phone number".
there wasn't enough room to write
the guy who is running right next to me.
but now that i have all my ducks in a row, there shouldn't be any need for a race day emergency contact. but i put one down anyway. i put my husband, who will be cruising around birmingham on his bike, carrying food, extra bottles of water for my snazzy fuel belt and whatever else i'll need.
forty-four more days.
it will be better this time.
it's all coming together.


Nancy said...


Tall Girl Running said...

I could figure it out by using your countdown timer or just by looking it up, but since I'm feeling particularly lazy right now (not to mention five to seven pounds overweight from the holidays), what is the exact date of Birmingham? I want to implant it into my memory.


Laurel said...

Woo-hoo! I'm excited for you!

RunToTheFinish said...

oh babbbbbyyy it's go time!

zanne said...

thanks guys!!! angie - it's february 10th.