Jan 15, 2008

bend it like my new best friend

i don't know what it is about the last few weeks leading up to a marathon, but i start having crazy, vivid dreams. not your usual, late to the race and oh my god i forgot my sneakers dreams. a dream like that would actually make sense. although i do remember a dream right before my first marathon where the race was like a crazy fun house of an obstacle course. that one sort of made sense to me in that i was in a race and one could argue that my life is sort of like a crazy fun house of an obstacle course. so i got that one. no dream interpretation needed.

but the last marathon go around resulted in dreams like going to a bakery with p. diddy and ordering cookies and cakes and wanting to eat all the frosting off of everything. and that was before the sugar purge.

last nights' crazy dream? it was me and david beckham. and we were tight. like best friends tight. we took our kids to the park. we went shopping together. we frolicked through central park. and of course, we kicked a soccer ball around. it was like a watching a trailer for a really cheesy movie musical. i don't get it. i don't play soccer. never did. i don't frolick through grassy fields. and david beckham is not even on my wheel.

but i still have 21 days to go.
that's plenty of time for lenny kravitz to stop by in one of my dreams.


Nancy said...


Ok, here's an interpretation for you...

I've always heard when you dream about someone you are actually dreaming about that part of yourself which the person represents. So what does Becks represent to you? Dedicated athlete? That part of you was relaxed, happy... priorities in order (kids at the park). Sounds great to me!!

That'll be $49.99! jk :D

Nancy said...


I read your palm.

hee hee

MiaStella said...

Too funny....was posh spice around giving fashion tips?

Vickie said...

I just know he'll be out there on that marathon course cheering for you!

house on hill road said...

not on your wheel! hee hee!

P.O.M. said...

Ohhhh David Beckham can be in my dreams anytime! **wink wink**

Anonymous said...

I vote for non-runner nancy's interpretation!

(Nancy, you should TOTALLY be a palm reader, lol! You'd be great!)

Anonymous said...

Two nights ago, I had a dream that I was out running around my parents' neighborhood with the Edge and Brian Eno. All of a sudden, someone said, "hey, where's Bono? Let's call him." And I whipped out a cellphone (from where, I don't know) and dialed away.

I don't even have a race coming up.

Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

never played Soccer either... too much running---lmaoooo

It's just our crazy minds playing some games... Enjoy the next 21 days and dream on!!