Jul 24, 2008

i ran today

that's not a typo. i actually ran today. for the first time in, get this: 7 weeks and 3 days.

i was thinking that i might get kicked off the running blog network and then who would find me and read my blog? and then i was thinking that when 'cross season starts and i have to get off my bike at some certain point and run with it that i might forget exactly how to go about doing that. and i'm also joining a running group on saturday morning for the 1st time ever. i didn't want that to be my first run in 7 weeks and 3 days. i wanted a weensy jump start just to make sure i wasn't going to make a total fool of myself.

and so, i ran today. and the first mile felt painful and sluggish and weird. and i wondered what i was doing. and i thought that i haven't been missing a damn thing. i was just waiting to get through next half mile so i could get to the trail. but, just before i hit the trail, i swear - i felt a smile coming on. yes. that was it. a smile. suddenly, it felt good. to be running. and i realized that even though it might be 7 weeks and 3 days between runs, i still love it. i still know how to do it.

which should come in handy when i have to throw my bike over my shoulder and run with it.


Anonymous said...

too funny. I am pretty sure that's the only way i'd ever finish a crit -- or any of those crazy race thingies youdo... LOL.

Pretty sure we won't evict you from the club. Once a runner always a runner.

Stuart said...

Is this cross training for cyclists?

Vickie said...

And its always there when you want it.

Nancy said...

Aw, I knew you had it in you. Glad you don't hate it. :D

Anonymous said...

Good for you!!