Jul 29, 2008

not feeling it

i skipped tonights' ride.
i just wasn't feeling it.
its crazy hot out. and well, like i said - i just wasn't feeling it.
of course, i wanted my husbands' (a.k.a. bike coach) take on the whole thing: the random skipping of a ride just because. and it totally jives with our new listen-to-your-body approach to training. so i'm good.

so i stayed home to finish organizing our family office to accomodate "homework central" (school starts in 2 weeks), and to clean the crisper drawer in our fridge of the rotting zucchini, and to make dinner for my children instead of plunking down a bowl of mac & cheese for all of them and leaving my twelve year old to babysit while we ride. again. and to write about some stuff i've been thinking about which is mainly my listen to your body approach to training (which i am loving) and 12 year olds. which i also love but am currently having a hard time with.

i'll be back to write more. i've got a plethora of posts in my head.

but right now, there is rotting zucchini in the fridge, dinner to be made and a 12 year old to hang out with even though he doesn't want me to hang out with him. and the office i am reorganzing? the heat seems to be stuck on and i can't get it off and its sweltering in here and think my ride may get rained out tomorrow and i'm not sure what to make for dinner and so i'm thinking:

maybe i should have gone for a ride.


house on hill road said...

i like your listen to your body thing. mine is telling me to go to bed. and it's only 7:40. oy.
hope you and the 12 yr old got some good hang out time.

Anonymous said...

I didn't feel it tonight either. So I blew off the ride too. You're right it is crazy hot. Don't know about you but it took me a long time to listen to my body and I still don't always listen. Good for you for staying in. Did I miss dinner? :)

Anonymous said...

The 12 year old may SAY he doesn't want you to hang out, but he does. Good call!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, heat sucks, and you must have crazy humidity where you are. I probably wouldn't have ridden either.