Jul 25, 2007


since i am on vacation there is no pool running ... (i realize that the atlantic ocean is out my front door, but that is so not happening)

so i took my 6 prescribed miles to the street & ran the same 10k race route that i ran about 20 years ago.

i just have this to say to my 18 year old self:
i just kicked your ass

it gets better: i beat my 10k time from 3 months ago by 11 seconds.

nevermind that i think i heard myself wheezing on washington road.
nevermind that during the last mile and a half my mantra was -
when can i stop when can i stop.
nevermind that i kept telling myself, this is a training run, what the hell are you doing?

all of this makes up for the fact that monday's run had me checking the route on gmap over & over again. surely, there was a missing mile in there somewhere ... because my pace on monday's run was so shamefully slow for my current self, i had a really hard time accepting it. maybe my watch was wrong. maybe gmap is wrong. or, maybe i was just shit ass slow.

today made up for it.

am sure i'll pay for this later in some shape or form - crazy soreness, or a shit run tomorrow ... but for now, must relish the feeling of knowing that i just did at the age of 38 what i never could do at the age of 18.

hell. i probably couldn't have done it 2 days ago. but i did it today & that's all that counts.


Neese said...

Nice job. You know at 36 I'm finding things better my own self, but for me it helps that I'm healthier overall, I was a smoker in my 20's so running 3 miles, well, it wasn't going to happen

Anonymous said...

you go.

Vickie said...

You found the hidden gear! I certainly have lost that one, but I do remember how good it felt to just run fast. You have to be able to run fast to appreciate running fast.

Gotta Run..... said...

What are you thinking...crazy girl. It is a training run!!! I think while being on vacation you have lost your mind. Fun isn't it!?!?!!! LOL!!

Way to kick ass!!

Tom@RunnersLounge said...

Just found your blog site and enjoy reading it. Great sense of humor, and it seems like you get a lot from your running, and that's what many of us enjoy. Good luck with your BQ goal. I've tried and missed and the kept trying and made it. I post with another running friend, Amy. We discuss everything about running, just fun stuff. We’ll look forward to reading more of your site and following your vacation and running progress. Keep up the good running and posting! Tom