Jul 18, 2007

mantras & a road trip

a one hour pool run was on this mornings' schedule ...

pool runs suck. this is deep water pool running. no floaty anything. just me. in a bathing suit - "running" in the deep end & turning right before feet hit bottom of shallow end. (although when i started, i would totally run with feet hitting bottom once i got to shallow end) but then i got schooled. that's a no no. this is excrutiatingly boring. its hard. i sweat. in the pool for gods' sake. sweating in a pool. good god.

for the first time since i've been doing the pool runs, i arrived before my "running" partner ... i just sat at the edge of the pool looking at the entrance gate ... please come, please come. i got in reluctantly - because dammit, coach was there swimming laps - no way i could justify just sitting there any longer. must get in. 2 solo laps. she's here! thank god.

and then the chant inside my head: there's no way i am doing this for the whole hour. there's no way i am doing this for the whole hour.

essentially, this is my mantra every wednesday pool run, and i always do the whole hour. and i'm always happy when its over that i stuck it out - cause as much as it sucks - its a great workout & i get to cross another day off my schedule.


now - the bike: the bike has taken a back seat now that running can pick up again & i am on my official schedule. tuesdays & saturdays are bike days. so last night we did our regular tuesday club ride ... nothing messed with my mojo on the way to the ride - in fact it was my best ride ever ... so much so, that i found my self saying i am rockin' this ride, i am rockin' this ride. it didn't matter that i got dropped with about 10 miles to go - i just switched to: i totally rocked the first half of this ride, i totally rocked the first half of this ride.

flexibility is key.

we are headed off on a little road trip today ... i'll be here. which, as far as i'm concerned is the best place on earth. my family has a house here. right. on. the. beach. not - walk across the street & you are at the beach - not pack up all your gear & walk a couple of blocks and you are at the beach. the house is on the beach. the beach is the front yard. i love this place. its' dreamy & perfect. our little camelot. and so i plan to enjoy the hell out of it ... i'll be shamelessly soaking up the sun, playing frisbee with my husband, boogie boarding with my kids ... and running. lots of it.

... i had this thought the other day in regards to that whole "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade" saying ... i say, when life gives you lemons, RUN ... and running on that beach next week will be really, really good.


Vickie said...

Beautiful place! Where exactly is it? Glad you're running again because I AM NOT! Ankle sprain. Just what I didn't need. Now I will be forced back to pool running, which I know sucks big time. And getting out of shape AGAIN! Have fun on vacation! Being on the water is the best.

Gotta Run..... said...

I enjoyed all my running while at the beach a few weeks ago. Seems so much easier when you know you can just soak up the sun for the rest of the day once the miles are done.

I still do not see how you can do the pool running. That seems super hard and i would have to have someone standing at the steps to prevent me from not finishing.

WAY TO GO!! Sounds like you rocked the bike as well. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

um...how did i not know about this blog? are you holding out on me?