Jul 12, 2007

happy runner girl

i do still actually run. even though i can't remember the last time i wrote about running.

but now it's official: i have my marathon training schedule. it's for real. not a temporary till-i-get-through-this-injury schedule, but a real honest-to-goodness, the road to boston starts here schedule.

even though i have been running regularly & for the most part, pain free - for the past 4 weeks, today was the first day on my new schedule that i had something to do. something other than just run & hope it doesn't hurt.

almost every one of those above mentioned runs have been better than each previous run ... but today was by far the best. something about the official-ness of it. i wasn't just going out to run to get miles in or to keep fitness up. i had a task. i had 7 miles w/ 2x8:00 steady states ... and while i think maybe i was a little too fast - it felt amazing.

runner girl is back ... and so so so happy. all is right with the world when you just can't wipe the smile off your face during that last half mile of run home & you feel like you could run forever.


MiaStella said...

Good to hear. Nothing worse than grumpy runner girl!

Gotta Run..... said...

How exciting!!!! You know I am SICK of hearing all about your awesome cycle rides..LOL!!

Now we can read about both :).

Yippeeee!! Run fast!!

Tall Girl Running said...

Look out, Boston. Here she comes!!!

Vickie said...

I know you're happy about this! What marathon are you running to qualify? If you run like you bike, you have it made.