Jul 8, 2007

this about sums it up

i was reading Velo News this morning (i really don't know who i have become ... i didn't even think i knew what Velo News was a few months ago - now not only am i reading it, i look forward to its arrival & devour it before my husband even knows its arrived).

anyhow - i was reading Velo News this morning during my - ahem, pre-run ritual & came across a blurb in the article "at the back" that summed up my thoughts about cycling. (and can also be applied to my running) it was written by a woman who was comparing roadies (which she is) to mountain bikers: she writes -

"they say i take the fun out of cycling.
But the way I see it, it's just a matter of productivity.
Something must be accomplished & measured.
Sadly or not, riding for the sake of riding is not enough for me.
Quantity validates quality".

She also talks about how she's preoccupied with calculations: average speed, calories burned, vertical feet climbed.

I rode with a good friend a few weeks ago ... when we returned from the ride & i discovered how many miles we had ridden, i said "shit, we should have ridden x more miles so i could have gotten an even 100 for the week". her response was something along the lines of "just have fun - why worry about the miles" ... there are definite times when i get a little psychotic about it all, jacked up and obsesive about the schedule - i think my coach told me once too - it's just biking & running, its supposed to be fun.

but if i wanted fun, i'd go out and play frisbee, i'd go boogie boarding (you know, on the occasions that i am actually near an ocean & not in my current, landlocked state), play monopoly with my kids or go out with friends & laugh all night ... thats fun.

but running & cycling? i'm working too damn hard to have fun. and i like it that way.

busy calculating mileage, paces, thinking about entries in my spreadsheet, total weekly mileages --

i love that whole "quantity validates quality thing" ... although i think i'd add performance to it too. cause if i have anything less than a stellar run - if i've walked for a moment. or if i zig when i should have zagged, when i've run x miles instead of x.x miles - i almost feel that it was a wash, like it almost doesn't count.

i always like knowing that someone else feels the same way i do. and i like even more when someone else can sum up the jumble of thoughts in my head that i can't quite express.
so when i read it i say yes! that's me. that's how i feel.

it makes me feel slightly less loony. and that's always a good thing.

full disclosure, footnote, bibliography & giving credit where credit is due, etc: the author of article i referenced above was Jill Janov. the article was in the July issue of Velo News.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I said. . . "You count miles like a person on a diet counts calories...and that's not fun" Just to clear the record.

Gotta Run..... said...

I am right with you. For me, I set weekly goals and like nice round, high numbers. What some do not think could be fun I love and it pushes and motivates me to want more.

Pretty much... why bother unless you are wanting your best in everything you do. Hard work calls for nice BIG round numbers.

Keep movin girl!!