Oct 30, 2007


i didn't even know what this was until about a month ago when we went to a local cross race. i've never watched anything more wild, fun, exciting or heart stopping and fairly mind boggling. what? they get off their bike? and carry it? run with it? and jump over shit? and then they hop back on? while the bike is rolling? are you kidding me? i spent the entire weekend at the us gran prix of cyclocross which was here in louisville. i'm hooked. on the watching. and the ringing of the cowbell.

and this guy:

who raced his first race in 20+ years. his first cross race ever. and now he's hooked too. only he's hooked on the riding part. i'm gonna stick with the cowbell.

if you know anyone who raced, or want to see some great shots of the day - including all the pros, you can check them out here. and if you live near mercer county, nj or portland, oregon - you have got to go check these races out.

bring a cowbell.


MiaStella said...

so...what's plan b?

zanne said...

wait for it ... wait for it.

Anonymous said...

my ears are still ringing. um, that might be the sinus infection, now that i think about it.

Vickie said...

Its good that you are able to be supportive for him. I wonder if your running events got him thinking, "hey I think I can do this!"

Andria said...

I'll stick with running, for now. That looks interesting.