Oct 16, 2007

four more days

i read all the taper articles.
i do the google.
i know the crazy from yesterday was the taper talking.

but still. i was a little blindsided by yesterday's freak out. i honestly thought that having been through a taper once before, and knowing what to expect would make me immune to the mojo-messing madness that is taper. i thought i could fly under the radar and come out the other side, blissfully unaffected by the lack of endorphins.

while my head is still in more of a fog than i would like it to be, the fog is lifting. and my spirits are not quite at the soaring heights of confidence that they were last week; i do know that this damn taper serves a purpose and so i'll just go with it and know that i have done all the work, i just have to let the taper do its thing & trust i'll come out on the other side just fine.

and so i'll just wait. 4 more days.
cause there's one thing that will snap me out of this.
the thing that will set everything right again.
a good long run
4 more days


Unknown said...


And while you THINK a "good long run" will help things, I have a sneaky suspicion you'll regret it come race day. (Unless, of course, your "good long run" is 8-10 miles, then I suppose that's okay).

Remember -- we're here for you!

zanne said...

betsy! the good long run is the MARATHON!

runliarun said...

Oh, tapers mess with my mind too. But you know all the questioning will be of the past when you line up at the start.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're coming back to your senses. This will be your day. I have no doubt.

You've earned it with every step.


Anonymous said...

i am with besty....step away from the google. you are going to do great!

Laurel said...

HA! I hear you on the freak out.

I was emailing my friend today about the weather and where to pin my gu and what hat I should wear, etc. etc. etc. and she writes back,

"Taper madness anyone???"

You're gonna be fine. WE'RE gonna be fine. I can't wait! I'll keep my eye out for you!

Unknown said...

D'oh! I thought you were trying to do a long run BEFORE your marathon!!!

Anonymous said...




Nancy said...

And don't forget to listen to your husband :D

zanne said...

betsy - you crack me up ... clearly it was the martini talking. so i'll forgive you for thinking i was going to sneak in a long run between now & marathon day! i might be crazy, but not that crazy.

Gotta Run..... said...

Hang in there!!! 3 more days now and counting. Man i think I am freaking out for you. I am hardly wait to see your results!!

I will send you an email with some of the tricks of the trade that have passed along to me. Pretty cool stuff but still working on finding just the right balance for me.

P.O.M. said...

You will do amazing! Good luck.

Vickie said...

You can do this! That's all I'm going to say!

Andria said...

Haven't gone through the taper yet myself, but from what I've read from everyone else you will have a breakdown at some point, but it's normal. So, you'll be fine. You're going to do great!

Unknown said...

A marathon haiku:

A new commitment:
See Zanne run in Boston
Lot's of work ahead.

Speed, hills, Big Dog runs
Setbacks, injuries; that's life!
Mind over matter.

The culmination?
At Columbus Marathon:
See Zanne qualify

zanne said...

oh betsy! i love it! coming up with haikus was one of the many mind games i'd play on my runs! i love this one .. thank you!

Unknown said...

I just realized "See Zanne run in Boston" is only 6 syllables; how about "See Zanne RUNNING in Boston"? :)

Running Ragged said...

Isn't freaking out suppose to be part of the fun, the marathon anticipation? lol

Good luck!!!