Oct 30, 2007

plan b

in the week since the debacle that was my second marathon,
i asked coach how best to recover before moving forward.
he said i should listen to my body.
so i did.
my body said it wanted a full week off and a lot of wine.
i gave it both.
but by sunday, my body said it wanted to run.
so it did.
and yesterday too.
and now i'm back.
and there is a plan b.
there is always a plan b.

there's a prize.
i'll pool all the correct guesses & pick a name out of a hat.
friends, family & coach may not play in this reindeer game; its likely you already know, cause i told you, you guessed it, or it was your plan.
let the games begin.


mom said...

I know !!!

good for you babe


erin said...

damn! i'm out.

Ovens2Betsy said...

I'm stumped! (Some sleuth I am).

Vickie said...

Since you weren't recovered enough to come to GR, which would have been your BEST choice, I do know that Columbus has a "Last Chance to Boston" race at the beginning of February. Boring, but most likely a definite qualifier. Houston and Myrtle Beach are good ones too. And I think Philadelphia is in November, and then there's Las Vegas and Tuscon! I'll use any of these as my guess.

See Zanne Run said...

oh for the love of god, betsy. i expected more from you.

Gotta Run said...

and she's back!!!!! YES!!!

Ovens2Betsy said...

I know! I know! You're going to PAY your way in through the Dairy Intolerance Society's charity? Right? Right?

Vegan Run Amok said...

YAY!!! On to plan B. Good for you!

I have no idea what it is, but I'm sure it's brilliant and that you'll do GREAT! :)