Oct 6, 2007

sea level

i have spent the last 5 months riding my husbands' old steel specialized for my cross training days.

it's heavy.
it's steel.
it's over 20 years old.
the shifters are on the downtube.

but i never really cared. i figured if it had wheels and propelled me forward, it was good. i mean sure - all the bikes i'd see on the club rides & all my friends' bikes were snazzy, shiny, light & fast. but there was an element of riding my husband's old bike that appealed to me -
i would think: my-bike-is-so-old-and-heavy-its-old-school-cool.
but still. i secretly really wanted a new one.

and then again - i was a runner girl. who occassionally biked. and wasn't that good at it anyway. i had one thing. the hills. that was it. i didn't think i really deserved a new bike. i would say - let's just see if i like this. and lets see if i can really get good at it. then we'll think about a new bike.

i would tell my husband that i looked at riding the heavy old steel bike as high altitude training. if i could get good at lugging that thing around, then when i finally got on a lighter, faster bike, it would be like riding at sea level.

runner girl has a new bike.
and i rode it today.
i was right.
it's like riding at sea level.


Anonymous said...

seems to me, runner girl deserves a shiny new bike. AND the ease of a "sea level" ride. Just think, when at "sea level" you could always pop into the water for that medicinal splash of "saltwater" too !!


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! :)

Nancy said...

oh cool. I'd love a new bike. Have fun with it!!

Anonymous said...

well, fatty missed riding today, but i am not sure that he was in tip top condition after last night...and he, too, snorts saltwater. it does help with the cold.

coffee? thursday?

Laurel said...

How exciting! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

yay!! post some pics of the new bike!

Vickie said...

Too kewl! Pictures? What is the occasion?

Vickie said...

Oh, and just so you know. There are things expected of you with that new bike. Like maybe a triathlon or at the least a duathlon??

zanne said...

yes. will post pictures soon. there is no occassion ... i was thinking that a new bike would be the sort of thing that just came to me, rather than going out to shop for one. so that was the plan i had relegated myself to. and wouldn't you know it - the bike just came to me. it was wheeled in my front door on friday - if it fit me, it was mine. it is another hand me down of sorts, although a MUCH newer one. a friend we ride with is looking to upgrade & i am the lucky recipient of his "old" (only about 300 miles on it) bike. it is way snazzy & in my favorite color - black. and yes vickie - while triathlons don't hold much allure just yet, a duathlon definitley does ... there will be one (some?) in my future!!

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine that moving from the old steel bike to your newer one was like being handed some newly-acquired overnight speed and grace on wheels.

Are you going to name your new bike?

Gotta Run..... said...

New wheels. You are one lucky girl!! Where are the pictures silly? Come on... need to see this wonderful new purchase.

Thanks for the call and the awesome comments. What a race and one I will not forget. Water is my life line and without it a race should not go on. It was totally a mess but the trip with the girls was worth it all.

Andria said...

Haha! That's awesome! Bikes are fun.