Dec 13, 2007

easy week

there's nothing like an easy week to remind you that you really do love running.
the workouts have been hard.
i've been feeling slow, defeated & frustrated.
its been raining a lot.
i find myself wondering what i am doing -
why was i out there,
standing at the mile repeat yellow line in the dark?
this week, i remembered.
i am running.
because i love it.
i might have 3 weeks of crazy hard workouts,
but i have this one easy week
to remind me that i still got it.
i remember now.


house on hill road said...

of course you do.

Vickie said...

Yeah. I know how that feels. No advice except hang in there.

Bob - said...

the ebbs n'flow of training runs :-)

Gotta Run..... said...

Just reading up on all of your post. have been so sick but I think I am going to live now :).

Keep checking those boxes off. BQ will be here before you know it. Update me on the diet / sugar stuff when you have time.