Aug 8, 2007

my new countdown

i keep getting up earlier & earlier to try & beat the heat for my morning runs.
and so, on my way to the pool to "run" this morning,
at 5:45.
in the heat. already.
i decided i have a new countdown.
the countdown to when i can sleep in past 5 am.
that would be the day after the marathon.
october 22.
i can sleep in.
74 more days.


Bob - said...

Zanne said:i can sleep in 74 more days.
ahhhh I live in FL & it's crazy humid hot BUT I am not a morning person SO I am pushing & grinding with my midday runs :-(

I tried to get up early a few times but GEESH I cannot even open my eyes--lolol so it's actually safer for me to run in the afternoon-haha

Happy & Safe Running!!

Vickie said...

Today it was 79 at 6 am, 95% humidity, and dew point of 84%. Last night biking it was 84, 95, and 84, so anyway you look at it, you're soaked without even moving, let alone running. For me, I try not to complain too much about the heat, because the alternative is WORSE!

zanne said...

Oh, I must disagree with you there! I ADORE the alternative. It really is never too cold for me to run … i adore running in the cold. Granted, I do live in Kentucky, and you live in Michigan … I might not love it as much if I were in your neck of the woods … but the colder, the better – and if it’s snowing – total bonus!

Gotta Run..... said...

What are you doing!?!?!?? Knowing how far off that is makes it harder for me. You are super nuts girl.

Thanks for the pool advice but I have moved gym memberships and now I have no pool anymore. Would my spa tub work :)...LOL!!

RunToTheFinish said...

I tried getting up earlier and earlier as no avail it's still hot and sticky. Eventually I was just working my way back around to the previous evening :)

DawnB said...

Thanks for visiting. Would you believe just the other day again I wash two more!! This time they were really muddy ones. They weren't worn at all just muddy. I believe I could get another 300 miles out of each of them!!

Looks like you are really sike for you BQ!! Good luck!! I'm looking for one also but I don't think I have a prayer!! :)

Laurel said...

I hear you on the heat. It's been like that down here in Miami for over three months now. It's getting a little old. Unfortunately, it wont get any better here till November.

Where is it you are training? Is it in Ohio as well? Are you using Columbus as your Boston qualifier?