Aug 22, 2007

PLEASE! do not disturb the lifeguard

this was the sign i stared at and read over & over again during my solo one hour pool run.
it was look at that sign, or look at the clock.
and i could not look at the clock.
do not look at the clock. do not. look at that clock.
oh for the love of god, what did you look at the clock for?
ok, if the next time you look at the clock it’s on temperature,
you have to do 3 more laps before you can look again

i’m all alone.
my pregnant pool running buddy went and had her baby.
sheesh. the nerve.
i’m surprised she didn’t have it in the pool last week … she did a little groan, went underwater for a minute & the lifeguard got out of his chair and stood at the edge of the pool watching her … and looking back, i wondered if that would have disturbed the lifeguard – having to deliver a baby.

so i know going into the workout that i’m on my own.
and i’m optimistic that it won’t be so bad.
and this is against my nature – to be optimistic.
so i get in the pool and I daresay it was chilly …
not the butt warm bath it has been in recent weeks.
and i play games with the clock
and i figure out how many words i can get out of the word PLEASE!
and i count the pennants in the banner hanging over the pool.
and i wonder what the lifeguard thinks, because i think i must look like a freak.

i think my optimism paid off.
it wasn’t the lonely misery i thought it would be.
turns out, i can really entertain myself.
but still. it’s really nice to have company.
a pool running partner.
so maybe, with all the money I am saving on massage,
this could be my new partner.


Anonymous said...

Besides the boredom, and the loneliness, and the cold water, and the mental games you're playing...besides all that, I hope you're enjoying the pool running.

I've done it for cross training and minor soreness recovery and it's miraculous...except of course for all the not great stuff listed above.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, hit the send key early. Anonymous above was me

zanne said...

tom, 'enjoying' might be a strong word when applied to pool running! haha ... actually, truth be told - it really isn't that bad & i think it has certainly helped to stave off any recurrance of the issues i was having a few months ago ... now that its' also sandwiched between two really hard workout days, i may not enjoy it, but i was actually looking forward to it yesterday.

Anonymous said...

i'd volunteer, but then the life guard would have to stand at the end of the lane for the entire hour because i am sure i would drown.

Gotta Run..... said...

After reading your accounts of pool running I am somewhat glad I do not have a pool option. Sounds hard mentally!!

So your buddy had a baby? Will she be back next week then?? LOL!!!!

zanne said...

i solved that problem & ordered a waterproof ipod case!

my friend may not be back next week, but i'm sure i wont get too much use out of ipod case before she is!