Aug 29, 2007

pool running rocks!

i got myself a new pool running partner.
it arrived a couple of days ago & i found myself actually
looking forward to my wednesday pool run.
it's called an otter box and i can put my ipod shuffle in it and swim with it and it doesn't get wet and i'm in love. singy, happy, dancy, pool running love.

you need one. you want one. here's my psa on the whole thing:

it doesn't come with earphones/earbuds ... you buy those seperately. but, i learned after both things arrived, that you can use any headphones with it.

the case is plastic, the little thing that plugs into shuffle is inside case & its got some rubbery stuff around the opening to seal everything off. i tried it out when i took an ice bath after sunday's long run. all systems were a go.

so, i'm at the pool, i've got the shuffle in my top with my boobs. sadly, the shuffle makes a bigger impression. yes. the width of the ipod shuffle, in the case, is bigger than boobs. ok, so moving on . it would start to slip out of my top now & then - i was thinking that if i attached a leash to it & tied said leash to the back of my top, it could just follow me. like a dinghy. note to self: put it in an armband next time.

i slip into pool & shit eating grin does not leave my face for several laps. i'm so thrilled and amused by how fun it is to have tunes in the pool that i can barely contain my excitement. i struggled to refrain from singing along. no doubt, that would have really disturbed the lifeguard.

it works like a charm. and you can get to all the controls without opening it. which obviously, would defeat the whole purpose. the only thing i haven't figured out is how to actually get it on or off once its in the case. there is a little rubber thingy that you push in & is meant to enable you to use that slide thingy on the back of shuffle to turn it on, but i can't get it to work. but neither can my very techy 11 year old son, so that makes me feel better.

after my pool run was over - i thought i'd see if it worked while swimming. i think a swim cap is needed to keep ear things in place - at least for me it was ... i put cap on, dunked under ... and the heavens opened & angels sang - only i couldn't hear them because i was under water. with music in my ears. will wonders never cease!

i did a few happy, swimmy laps & while every now and then there might be more bass, or one ear thingy fades out, it totally rocks. tunes = good pool mojo.

i could learn to like swimming.


runliarun said...

Oh, damn the lifeguard. Just sing.

Vickie said...

Yes! Keep swimming! Your triathlon debut will happen one day. And train with the ipod if you must.

Joe said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting on my dishwasher woes.

That otter thingy sounds need. I must check that out!

Beck said...

I bought my husband an Otterbox and he was totally nonplussed. I was thinking go to the beach, waterproof and he thought no. He's not a beach kind of guy.

Also and I swear this is true... I took water aerobics at the Bridgeport Jewish Community Center, bought the aquajogger and really got the workout of my life by following to the letter my instructor's directions.

There is also a huge benefit to being 30 years younger than your workout buddies.