Aug 12, 2007

the post run stupor.

this is my favorite part. the stupor of a nap that i fall into after a long run.
i crash on the couch ... and just before nodding off,
i think - this is a mistake, i should have something to eat first. i will regret this. it doesn't take long to fall into that place between sleep and awake. i can hear everything. but can't speak.
i hear my daughters crying over how their computers are 'lagging', or won't turn on, or some other computer catastrophe. and i try to speak & call to my son to go help them ... only i know nobody can hear me. and they come up to me & put their faces right up to mine & ask where is daddy? and i try to say, he's on a bike ride, he'll be home in a minute. i hear them saying they are hungry & i think i mutter get some cereal. and then i dream that my husband came home & moved the piano out of the house all by himself & i am impressed. i know there is one child on the couch with me. then another is trying to squeeze in. then apple jacks are falling on my face. and so i get up & move to another couch, saying - "i'm almost done sleeping. almost, but not yet". and i get to the other couch & the dog comes with me. and the sun is beating in that window and the couch is too hot & i realize if i want to save this day at all, i must get up and eat something. daddy comes home & fixes computers while still in his biking gear. so i can eek out every extra second.
i need coffee.
i need gatorade.
i need to get out of this sweatshirt.
nap is over.

ahhhh ... long run mornings.
i love these mornings.

week 5 of training is over.
10 more to go.


Gotta Run..... said...

I crashed for TWO solid hours after my long run on Saturday. Partly due to the heat I think. It was wonderful but I was totally out of it for the rest of the day.

Now feed those kids why don't you :)!!!

Vickie said...

I know that Zen state you speak of! You are powerless almost to do anything. You must sleep!

Laurel said...

Nothing feels better than that post long run nap!