Oct 31, 2007


ok.ok. i'll just tell you.
know y'all are just hanging on the edge of your seats.
birmingham is plan b.
it's, um ... a weensy bit hilly.
and not the easiest course.
but coach says its doable.
and so we're going to give it a go.
we have 101 days.
101 days for me to gear back up.
more hill training, more long runs
plenty of time to get on-the-run fueling figured out.
plenty of time to get my nutritional ducks in a row.

since the events of october 21st have left me a little- ah, shall we say unsatisfied? and i find it difficult to wear my race shirt with the same pride as last years', and my medal was worn for the walk from the finish to the marathon mobile and that's it, (as opposed to last year when i tried to get away with wearing it for a week which led to much ridicule), and the marathon pictures came back & they got us mere seconds before the crash when we are walking, and i need assistance to do even this, and all of this is not so good; i am over-the-moon happy about being able to take a mulligan. and take it so soon. cause i'm not ready to let go of boston 2008. i need one more shot.

and so we begin again.
do i need to say how elated i am?
i love this. love training. love a schedule.
love a goal on the horizon.
i'm willing to bet my husband is about as happy as i am - i was all jacked up this morning for god only knows what reason & he says "when the hell are you going to start training again?"
now baby. i start now.

vickie wins, since she guessed my sad sorry idea for a plan b, the last chance for boston. while qualifying would have been likely (one should hope on a course like that - its' 26 one mile laps) i think it would have been so mind-numbing that shooting myself would have been preferable. so the hills of birmingham it is!


P.O.M. said...

101 days! You go girl!!!!

erin said...

ok, that is one big widget over in the sidebar. the countdown begins...go zanne go!

Vegan Run Amok said...

Bolting through Birmingham, Boston bound.

Birmingham's a good choice for the alliterative possibilities alone! :)

Christy said...

Another RBF'er is coming to this race. We are going to meet up...you will have to join us!!

nothingeverything said...

Keep something in mind!!! What you did in Columbus was far better than qualify for Boston. Boston should be looking for runners like you instead of a magic little number. You're dedication and commitment goes beyond that line of qualification and into the heart of a marathon runner.

Just want to be sure your present to your greatness.

Frayed Laces said...

I'm a fan of plan b. Good luck and have fun with your training!

See Zanne Run said...

nothingeverything: thank you.

Monica C. said...

This is exciting. I was not a reader for the countdown to the last one; but I'll be reading along on this journey! You can do it!

Jamie said...

Best of luck with plan b! I have been reading your blog for awhile but have not commented. I look forward to following your plan b progress.

Amanda said...

Awesome! So I was having the exact same can't wear my shirt with pride etc feelings, until I went out for a run the other day and really started to evaluate the race. I started to realize that I deserved everything from that race for simply getting to the finish line, many folks don't even make it to the start. I think you have earned your rewards as well for proving that you can tough out anything and that you are a true runner.

Go birmingham!

See Zanne Run said...

jamie & monica ... thanks so much for stopping by - thanks for reading- glad you'll stay along for the next wild ride!

amanda ... thats so funny. you just gave me the same advice i gave you. love it. you're right ... i need to stop looking back at it like it was a total failure (of ginormous nutritional proportions) ... and instead see it for the huge learning experience that it was. why it is so much easier to dole out advice than take it? thanks for the reminder.

Cynthia said...

cool! are there direct flights from nyc to birmingham? maybe i'll come!! : )

Vickie said...

Sweet Home Alabama! You'd better be singing that song for the next 101 days! Did you know that the women's Olympic Trials will be held in Boston the day before the marathon! You can watch that too!

See Zanne Run said...

yes! i did know the women's trials are the day before ... hope i'm there to watch! and yes - love that song, it has in fact been in my head more than a few times since i found out that was plan b ... i'm trying to figure out how to get an MP3 of it over on my sidebar.

Laurel said...

Hehe, I can see my husband asking the same thing.
I am so happy for you! Plan B's can be sweeter than Plan A's ;)

Vickie said...

Just another thought: better to get used to hills NOW rather than wait until Heartbreak Hill!

Gotta Run said...

I love a plan B!!!! I meant to tell you about a marathon here in SC that is flat and fast for those who want to qualify for Boston. Looks like I am to late now.

You those hills girl!!!! You are all over this one!!

Thanks for the call. It was great!

Gotta Run said...

I love a plan B!!!! I meant to tell you about a marathon here in SC that is flat and fast for those who want to qualify for Boston. Looks like I am to late now.

You those hills girl!!!! You are all over this one!!

Thanks for the call. It was great!

Andria said...

Boston here you come!