May 6, 2007

boston 2008?

i have a date.
a marathon date to be exact.
october 21.

hopefully, this will be the magic day in which i knock the 21 minutes off my previous marathon time needed to get me to boston 2008.

-- wish me luck & stay tuned!!!


Unknown said...

You can do it! Of course, if you wait another year perhaps Angie and I will be crazy enough to join you in 2009. (Oh, and there's that pesky qualifying we'll have to do as well).


zanne said...

thanks! I was actually just planning on a spring qualifier to get me into boston 2009 ... but when my coach heard that his time from last fall is good for two years & he realized he could run it again in 08, we stepped up my schedule just a bit! so i'm back to doing a fall qualifier. here's the thing though - if i don't make the time for my age for 08, i might make the time needed for my age to get me into 09 ...(i hit the magic 40 in 08 & get 5 extra minutes on my time) so either way, there's a chance i'll be there both years. all just remains to be seen ... must work hard & hope for the best! thanks for reading & commenting!!

Unknown said...

IF I try for this (and it's a REALLY big "if"), I think I found the perfect qualifying race. It's held on July 4 near Portland, OR and is totally flat. It also seems to be a rather small race, so I won't have to worry about winding my way through a lot of people. My qualifying time will be 4 hours (plus 59 seconds, of course!). Thing is, I haven't even run a whole marathon yet! (I will be doing so this September, but it's in France and features 22 wine tastings during the race, so I'll be taking it REAL slow).

zanne said...

omg. a WINE tasting marathon?? sign me up.