May 21, 2007

coming back

did my test run today ... i think it went ok.
it wasn't a miserable failure that ended in tears (i had fully prepared myself for this possibility)... but i'm not sure that it was a swimming success either. a swimming success would have been i ran & felt NOTHING.

i did feel something ... but instead of a screaming, if-you-run-one-more-step-you'll-never-run-again pain; it was more of a i'm-still-here-and-if-you-aren'-t-nice-to-me-i'll-mess-with-your-mojo-again whisper.

i'll take a whisper over screaming pain any day.

whisper aside, i felt amazing - crazy strong, like i could have run all day ... i was fairly surprised at this - would have expected to feel more sluggish after 10 days of no running. i don't know if it was the rest, or the bike, but i felt great.



21stCenturyMom said...

Glad to hear that your pain is a whisper, not a scream but I see that you have a date with a marathon in October and you want to BQ so please don't push the pace! This is one case where 'slow and steady' wins the race is probably true. Heal fully before you go all out, again.

Good luck with the healing - it sounds like your PT is really doing a great job.

Tall Girl Running said...


That's encouraging news! I agree with the last comment... even if it's just a whisper, your body's still talkin' to ya. As annoying as it is, resist the temptation to shush it completely.

You're gonna make this work!

zanne said...

Thanks to both of you! and yes, while i felt great & strong(despite the whisperings of my body)... i was proud of myself for being smart & sticking with prescribed 2 miles. A few months ago, i likely would have just kept going. Think i have most definitely learned a lesson here. rest is good. Definitley plan on being fully healed before i officially start training for my BQ. We're going to adjust my training schedule a bit to add in another bike day & some grass runs. Thanks for the good wishes!