May 7, 2007


when will i learn?
i felt really great yesterday.
really great.
and went out too hard, too fast.
now my legs hate me.

i've done this before. clearly, i forget about how you shouldn't do this.
its' like i broke a cardinal rule of race recovery.

it was gorgeous out. i had a marathon date. i felt great & i had new tunes on the playlist.
tunes that my coach figured would be a much better replacement to the dance house electronica stuff i had been listening to. they were headbanging, angry tunes ...
i thought - no way. i need happy music. happy, dancy music.

i was only too happy to admit defeat on this one ... cause those headbanging angry tunes somehow made the perfect iamrunnerwomanhearmeroar soundtrack.
maybe it was too good of a soundtrack, cause my legs really, really hate me.

i could blame it on the soundtrack, or i could just blame it on me.
i'm a dork.


Anonymous said...

I love those kind of runs when the playlist just takes you. I am always curious what sort of songs others have on theirs because, honestly, mine is getting a bit boring.

Thanks for de-lurking today. I'll be back to read more and help you get those #s up.

Finally, I love your profile picture. It is (you are) beautiful.

zanne said...

new playlists are key ... they always provide a great boost. i'm amazed at how fast the lists get boring.

thanks for popping by to read, for commenting & for your sweet compliment!