May 18, 2007

injury update

so i googled the worst case scenario i was given on monday & of course, it didn't look good. mostly, it was the recovery that scared the shit out of me: 2-5 months ... NO RUNNING. OMG! Needless to say, i was in a major panic ... cursing myself for having googled in the first place. must say this though; in googling "pelvic stress fracture" everything that comes up leads with some variation of the words "female long distance runner ... marathoners" . never in a million years would i have ever thought those words would apply to me. but they do. and i like it. and so while googling my injury nightmare, i was strangely happy to be in that category.

so now - an update ... since monday i have been to PT 3x and had a deep tissue massage once. i have been plugged in to electrical things, had stickers that looked like a big deformed battery put on my leg, i have been stretched on the proverbial rack, twisted like a pretzel & kneaded like dough.

the sticker worked like a charm ... the tender pain in that place where the sun don't shine is gone. was gone the next day. that sticker was magic mojo. it was dex-somethingoranother.

i am a prime candidate for someone who needs to bring a more level headed person with them to every sort of physician appointment ... cause i listen, but half of it goes in one ear & out the other - i'm almost so consumed with trying to remember every thing that is being said so i can go home & google it to panic in the peace & safety of my own home, that i forget everything they say by the time i get home.

i digress. today's PT appointment was the big test: run on the treadmill. this didn't go as swimingly as i had hoped. almost immediately my ass started to hurt (more specifically, in case you care to know - those bones. sacrum? sciatic? i don't know - see what i mean? so i just use a grand sweeping term to describe where the pain was - my ass) .. and then of course, my leg started to hurt too. shit.

i was reluctantly given the go ahead to run on grass this weekend - 2 miles. if it hurts a little, its ok ... if the pain increases as i run or gets really bad, i am meant to stop. if any non-runners are reading this, you may think - duh, if it hurts -stop. this is something i need to be told though ... for myself, i run through most pain. it has to be EXCRUTIATING for me to stop. i think many runners are conditioned to run through pain ... not sure. swear i read that somewhere. anyhow - try running on grass. see how it goes.

my left leg is most definitely shorter ... its not a case of my hip getting all torqued which results in left leg "getting" shorter .. its' a case of i was born with a shorter leg. which in turn makes my hips get wiggy, which in turn just messes with my mojo all around.

PT therapist & massage therapist both told me i need to work on my core strength ... this will help stabilize my hips ... so hopefully, working on getting 6 pack abs & getting some custom insert thingys for shoe to help leg discrepancy will put me back on track to start my marathon training.

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Tall Girl Running said...

Nothing is more humbling than having a physical therapist work on a place where the sun don't shine. You kinda have to go in with the same mindframe as your OB/GYN. "This is his job... he does this all the time". Still... humbling as hell.

I'm going to email you other schtuff I have to say. :-)