May 19, 2007

pleasant surprises

the nice thing about always expecting the worst (which i am very good at) -- is the fact that it almost never happens ... and what you are left with instead is a pleasant surprise.

i thought a week of no running would result in my behaving like a stark raving mad bitch ending with my husband locking me in a rubber room -- but instead, i rode my bike almost every day -and with every mile (all 90+! of them) i became a little more confident, i had a little more control over the bike, the cars didn't scare me so much, the turns didn't scare me - i'm learning how to transition my gears on hills & descents and i can really put the pedal to the metal when my husband says "catch that guy/girl" ... its all a very good feeling.

so - my muscles didn't atrophy & i didn't shrivel up & die ... i am not in a rubber room (yet) ... and i think i am ready for my test run tomorrow - 2 miles on grass.

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