May 12, 2007


as in - i am in one.

i had an hour on the bike on my schedule today ... an hour that i was pretty excited to get in -- would give my legs a workout, but give my quads a break from the pounding ... and as much as i hate to admit this - i don't think i can run right now - so a bike day was perfect.

last fall, when i was training for the marathon, i spent a lot of time on the bike trainer - it was a neccessary evil to coax my hip flexors into cooperating on the run ahead. but lately, i've been totally spoiled ... my husband has his own company & so he can be very flexible ... if i want to go for a ride - i call him, he comes home for lunch & we ride ... my trainer has been gathering dust in my office ... tucked far back behind my couch. so now - i try to avoid the trainer at all costs ... like the treadmill, i find it excrutiatingly boring.

so today - a saturday ... i was hoping to pawn my kids off on someone so my husband & i could go out. of course, i could just go out on my own - but i am WAY too much of a wuss to go out solo on the bike right now ... i need my traffic looker-outers.

i need to know someone is there to scrape me and the bike off pavement should i decide to see what road rash feels like.

i called a sitter, i called a friend ...
i kept hoping the ride fairy would make my ride possible. no joy.

i'm getting a taste of the summer months' ahead when my husband & i won't be able to pop out for a ride whenever we want cause the kids are in school ...

and so now - i look at my bike, hanging on the hook in my office ...
and i am trying to decide between sucking it up & getting on the trainer.
or having a beer.

it's not looking so good for the trainer.

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Unknown said...

I've been skitterish on my bike ever since taking a tumble a couple of years ago (riding over old rail lines, turning to say something to hubby and getting my tire caught in the rail. Although the salad plate-sized bruise has healed, I still sport a chipped front tooth). Anyhoo, I too hate riding in traffic, but fortunately we have a ton of trails in Seattle.

Don't beat yourself up -- you'll be back in the saddle soon I'm sure!